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Double Barrel

The 2016 Double Barrel “William” Cabernet Sauvignon has aged for over 2 years in French oak barrels and then 4 months in a True Kentucky Whisky barrel, that makes this wine a unique favorite. 

True small batch only 2 barrels at a time, the first 2 batches sold out, 3rd batch limited quantities. 

It can be served with any pairing of your favorite red or game meats. Can be cellared for 3 to 5 years.

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Experience Our
Chronos Observatory

The Chronos Observatory
What is often mistaken for a silo on the side of our renovated barn, is in fact the Chronos Observatory. Inside the observatory is a deep space telescope capable of viewing interstellar bodies in significant detail.

We will be planning events using the telescope and invite astronomy enthusiasts to contact us about booking their events at the winery.