COVID-19 Response


To our Valued Customers,


Our business recognizes the severity of COVID-19 and is working to prevent its spread in every way we possibly can.

In order to keep our customers, visitors, and employees safe, we are implementing the following (temporary) changes:

  • Our debit/credit terminals will be disinfected before and after each use.
  • All glassware will be washed in high water temperature commercial dishwasher using industrial soap and dried by warm air.
  • Our staff will greet you with the same level of hospitality but will refrain from shaking hands or having any physical contact.
  • Please note that we have enhanced our already careful sanitizing and cleaning measures and are implementing them repeatedly.
  • Our staff has been instructed to stay home if they have any symptoms what so ever (cough, fever, sore throat, or generally not feeling 100% or suspect that they might have come in contact with anyone with the Coronavirus. We ask that customers follow the same general rule.
  • Wine glasses should be touched at the base and the stems only - avoiding the glass rim as much as possible. Hands need to be washed and dried after any contact with surfaces that alter their cleanliness.
  • Touching your face (especially eyes, nose and mouth) should be avoided. 
  • Please sneeze or cough into a tissue then dispose it.  Alternatively, use the crook of your elbow.
  • Individuals exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 (being fever, new cough and shortness of breath or difficulty breathing) are asked to immediately seek screening and self-isolate should valid concern exist.

I hope this gives you confidence in the actions we are taking on your behalf.


We remain committed to providing you a safe environment and we look forward to welcoming you here


We ask that all customers accept these special requests and we welcome further recommendations you may have to help keep you and our space safe. Additionally, we ask that everyone remain mindful of keeping a distance from one another, and should you feel any symptoms, please stay home order our wines online and rest!


Thank you

Peter Van Helsdingen


Calamus Estate Winery


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