Barn and Patio Bistro

Calamus Winery Patio and Barn Bistro is closed of the season.

You are happy to join us for some great Gouda Cheese from our cheese bunker, with some wine and seat in our barn loft all winter long,  happy to bring our lunch and also enjoy in the loft.  

Patio open May long Weekend to Thanksgiving Weekend....

Great weather joins us on our 2-level patio overlooking Balls Falls and our vineyards. Inclement weather you will be seating in our 100-year-old barn Loft, or enjoy in our covered crush pad barn in front of our waterfall. 

We have travelled the world wineries and one of my favorite winery experiences are V. Sattui Winery in Napa(see pic in retail store) and Buccia Vineyards In Ohio which inspired us to bring the experience to Niagara. That is why we will never charge a corkage fee for any of our bottled wines on our patios or events.

Overlooking our 42-acre property and Balls Falls is the place to gather your ultimate Niagara Winery experience to pair with our wines. Check out our website for our monthly telescope, chef’s dinner series and steak nights with live entertainment.

Happy to bring your pet or own lunch and ask for the winery staff for a walking tour guide over one of our 3 bridges over 18-mile creek throughout our vineyards.

Grab some cheese from Makayla's Cheese Bunker or your own lunch in the vineyard, or the Crush pad overlooking the waterfall or explore the culinary finds in our chef’s herb and pepper garden. Catch Michael or Peter driving the mule, and you may just get a free tour.








A local of St Catharines, Chef Alex Barron found the kitchen at a young age working with a local catering company. During his final high school years, he really started focusing on building a culinary career.

After completing the Apprenticeship Preparation Course offered by a local high school, it seemed only natural to continue in studying at the Niagara Culinary Institute. The program offered a travel and work opportunity and Alex chose to make his move West, to Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta to work at the historic Kilmorey Lodge. He returned to Niagara to complete his training at Niagara Culinary Institute but then returned to the West Coast where he called Vancouver Island home for ten years.
Having a fresh start in such a vibrant city with beautiful ingredients and the ocean's bounty at a hand’s reach, lit a fierce fire in the young cook’s heart. He started getting serious at the Hotel Rialto's Veneto Lounge. This brand-new hotel and restaurant was awarded 'Best New Restaurant in Canada in 2009' by Toronto's 'Where' Industry Magazine, as well as several other awards.
His passion for food and travel led him on two cross country and international competition BBQ tours: BC's Sun Peaks Ski Resort and Knight Inlet Lodge (a fly-in floating wilderness resort.) He also worked at Dolphins Resort in Campbell River, in the north of Vancouver Island. Dolphins boasts chartered helifishing and rustic cabins on the Discovery Passage and is a perfect venue for weddings and special getaways.
In the spring of 2017 Alex returned to Ontario and joined Winery teams. We are proud to have Alex at almus Winery Estate managing the culianry team.  Having spent most of his time training in hotels and resorts, a winery was a natural progression for a young chef seeking a rewarding challenge.
When asked why he relocated back to Niagara, he simply responds, " Aside from my family, I’m just home to dig up my roots and stir the pot."
Favourite Ingredient: My favourite ingredients would have to be time. Not the herb. The time it takes to create and craft beautiful dishes. The finesse and flow, the love and passion that comes with time given to the dish and respect to the products you have in your hands. And butter. Always need butter.
Wildest / strangest ingredient: Having worked in a rainforest on the Pacific Ocean, many wild plants and creatures were always available. I always loved harvesting wild mushrooms and fishing for guests’ dinners. I never turned down a chance to work with the Giant Pacific Octopus!
Most underrated ingredient?  The ones closest by.  So many cooks neglect the bounty of the land they stand on. 

As wedding Chef and Executive chef ouf our Bistro on the deck we welcome you to meet Alex in our herb garden daily.