What our Customers are saying...

"Had my husbands surprise birthday party at Calamus, it was lovely. The owners and staff and caterer are wonderful. Put my trust in them and everything turned out great....oh and of course the wine is incredible!."

- Diane

"Just finished up a personal tour with Derek and to top it off with wine and cheese from Pat We cannot say enough of How fantastic and Awesome this experience was . The Passion was burning so bright with the Love of there wines , its was so refreshing to see that there Love for their winery and their crafted wines Would recommended this as a Must do ! Thank You Derek and Pat for your incredible hospitality!."

- Daniel F

"I read today about your wines being recognised for their high quality, and I decided to celebrate with you by having a bottle of Calvin's Cab this evening.


- Maggie and Keith

"I just wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you for making such a great wine! I have never been inspired to write to a winery before, but I thought I would like to share my experience I had with your wine.

I visited your winery for the first time in June of this year. During my visit I had my first taste of your 2006 Meritage red, along with a few of the others that you had available for sampling - I ended up buying a bottle of the Meritage and a bottle of white.

I had a dinner party last night and I was excited to open the Meritage and share it with my friends. Well it was better than I had remembered, and I had so many compliments from my friends on the win. They were amazed by the great taste, and like myself, this was their first experience with Calamus wine. I told them about my visit and the old rustic feel of the winery.

I'm very excited that I have found this gem of a wine, and I will not only be looking forward to opening the bottle of white, but also exploring the other varieties of red you produce - hopefully I have convinced some friends to give your wine a try as well.

Thanks for the great wine, keep up the great work, and I will look forward to opening another great bottle for another great experience!"

- Ryan L

"Calamus was one of the tour's best stops both when we visited in August and this time. In August we met the female partner of the owners and the male this time. Both friendly, informed and enthusiastic. They sell TREMENDOUS WINES!! At very moderate prices. My favourites were a dynamite Gewurztraminer and several tasty reds. The winery was actually closed when we arrived but he gladly opened up and poured some wine for us! We need more unpretentious but committed vintners like these people."

- Justin McHenry

"Dear Larry & Derek, Hello from Ottawa! We want to hank you again for your hospitality last week during our 2 days in wine country ... Calamus remains the highlight of our tour and we'll be back next year! Congratulations on your fantastic wines and growing success. We wish you all the best. "

- Maria Ford, André Danis and Friends

"We have had the Cabernet Franc on three occasions - twice with salmon and once with grilled beef. The Cabernet Franc is an excellent wine with both these varied dishes. It nicely complements the salmon, and is particularly good when the salmon is fairly aggressively spiced (we had it with a combination of brown sugar, cumin, paprika and chili powder, grilled on a cedar plank). It also had enough body to pair well with the grilled beef, which we served with a chimichurri sauce. The Calamus Cabernet Franc is a very well-balanced wine. We will be buying more! "

- Cathy Gaudet, Sommelier, Ottawa

Regarding the 2007 Calamus Pinot Gris...

"Your wine was wonderful Derek! Lyle made an amazing paella to compliment it, and with seafood, it was fabulous! The two glasses I knocked back BEFORE the seafood were wonderful too...so solo it's perfect...or with dinner it's perfect! "

- Marie O'Neill

"Bill took a bottle of Calamus Red to the St. Vincent's Day Dinner and Cuvee and won the trophy for Best Store Bought Red. Several people asked where the winery was, so hopefully you will be busy."

- Lynda Jurgenson

"We just came back from Madrid where we took our bottle of Calamus Ice Wine to have on our little holiday. What a wonderful Canadian treat to have in Spain."

- Fiona Stewart

"The Calamus wine was absolutely excellent, both the cabernet sauvignon and the chardonnay. I thought the cab was much better than the Okanogan wine that I had mentioned we bought for $38. What a pleasant surprise. Full of fruit on the nose and good round finish. Now wonder you are starting to sell out."

- James and Theresa, Banff, Alberta

Calamus Red at Dinner
From Paul Fitzgerald, Calamus Customer

"Yesterday we had some friends over and we drank the bottle of Riesling that you gave me. Everyone liked it and one of my friends said, that if I was talking to you that I should congratulate you on the great bottle of wine. "

- Jim Reschke

"I tried all six of your (VQA) wines and its changed my attitude towards Ontario wines."

- Paul Fitzgerald

"Congrats on your wonderful start!!! Good reviews from Waters and Billy's Best! And I've had the ones they mentioned and I concur wholeheartedly! I've been to Crush and will certainly request Calamus on any return visits as well as recommend that my friends do so as well."

- Ted Rogers

"Much Pleasure meeting with you on Saturday and tasting some of your wines ... you have a great philosophy over there and am looking forward to the finished winery ... for now keep up the good work."

- Michael Pinkus

"...luck and continued success for the wine, fabulous quality and an even better price."

- Bill Brouwer

"...wanted to let you know that your wine was well received by all including one of your competitors."

- Dave Walters, Bruce Trail Assoc.

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time yesterday-your wines are fantastic. And of course your hospitality was the best!!! Everyone on both buses kept saying you were the highlight of our day."

- Debbie, Deb's Kitchen

"I went to Crush last week and ordered your wine. Jamieson wasn't there though because I would have made a point of saying how good the wine was!"

- Marie-Claude Desjardin

"Classic Reisling aromas of lemon-lime and peach/apricot wrapped around a core of mineral/petrol notes. Wonderful acidity you would expect from Reisling but what sets this wine apart is the rich fruit in the mid-palate to balance the acidity. Lingering finish. Can be enjoyed now but will also benefit from short-term cellaring. Perhaps the best white wine bargain in Ontario"

- Larry Cook, Sommelier

"Will be sure to look up your winery! I loved what I tasted at the reception."

- Joan Hastings-Dove, Coordinator, AngelFest

"What an amazing night! On behalf of Mainstream I'd like to thank you for helping to make the Cooking with Class series such a successful event. The addition of Calamus to this cast of community champions was truly appreciated. Your wines are outstanding"

- Kris Akilie, Communications and Community Development Co-ordinator Mainstream : An Unsheltered Workshop