Our Vineyards

The Falls Vineyard Site - Vinemount Ridge Appellation

This vineyard, located in the Vinemount Ridge Appellation is the site of the winery operation and 20 acres of premium vinifera grapes. This appellation is quickly gaining recognition as a highly coveted location for producing Riesling in particular. Our single vineyard Riesling comes from this site.

Purchased in August 2001, the 42 acre property was once a small dairy farm where feed crops were grown on the 22 arable acres of gently sloping fields. The original barns have been renovated to house the winery and retail facility. Bisecting the property and cutting through the site's 20 acre ravine, is 18 Mile Creek. In June 2002, the land was shaped, tile drainage installed, soil amended and 27,200 vines (20 acres) were planted. The final 1.5 acres were planted June 2004.

The Bartlett Creek Vineyard Site - Lincoln Lakeshore Appellation

In September 1999 a 14 acres farm on Greenlane Rd on the eastern edge of the town of Beamsville below the Niagara Escarpment was purchased. The property was an overgrown orchard and vineyard that required clearing, land shaping, tile drainage and soil nutrients prior to planting. By early summer 2000, the land was prepared and 14,280 vines (10.5 acres) of vinifera and hybrid varieties planted.

Vineyard Breakdown

The Bartlett Creek, and Falls Vineyard sites have a total area of 56 acres with 32 acres of land in vines.

White Varietals:

  • 8 acres of Chardonnay
  • 7 acres of Riesling
  • 6.5 acres Pinot Gris
  • 0.5 acres Gewürztraminer
  • 0.5 acre Vidal

Red Varietals:

  • 5 acres Cabernet Franc,
  • 3 acres Cabernet Sauvignon and
  • 1.5 acres Merlot